Samstag, 9. Juli 2011

Fast sketch. While watching CABARET

I love her and I love this movie.
Liza Minnelli was born to perform this character.
I watched "Cabaret" about 500 times. First time when I was a little child.
But my parents - of course - allowed me to watch only a few short parts of it.
Now I have it on DVD. And I bought me a video projector and a huge screen some years ago to make me feel like watching it at the cinema in 1972.


  1. I promiss I'm not gonna tell your parents about it. :)
    Nice painting by the way.
    Hugs, artist.

  2. Nice sketch, and yes, I love cabaret too. Have you seen 'Christoper's Kind' - a dramatisation of Isherwoods time in Weimar Berlin starring Dr Who's Matt Smith? It's excellent

  3. Even if I sketched it slow, I couldn't do this. Lovely. ~Mary

  4. Again, very nice work. Feels natural and authentic. Cosmic.
    Dionysus 2011

  5. I like her too, she is extremely talented and a great show woman...and your painting of her is brilliant Joe! :)

  6. Really impressive work...

    Lots of love,

  7. I love this movie - Liza is amazing:-) The sketch shows it as well..:-)

  8. Hallo Joe,

    Du hast einen kreativen, sehr vielseitigen Blog!
    Bin beeindruckt. Seit kurzem verfolge ich Dich.
    Hast Du nicht Lust, an meinem Kunstprojekt teilzunehmen? Schau auf meine Seite:

    Liebe Grüße - Lars

  9. Wonderful painting of Liza. I especially like the play in her face--frontal view changing to profile. Clever.

  10. Ich bin´s nochmal. Da mir Deine Bilder ausergewöhnlich gut gefallen, zumal Du sehr vielseitig bist, habe ich Dir soeben einen Blog-Award verliehen:

    Viele gute Inspirationen weiterhin!

    LG - Lars

  11. I also love this movie! Great quick sketch, which captures the mood perfectly!

  12. How did I miss this?

    I love this work. You've got so much talent, Joe.
    I'll write more, later.


  13. Brilliant work!!! I am absolutely impressed. How much? :)