Samstag, 24. September 2011

Everything grows. I need your help.

My little apple tree grows.
It's almost three months old now.
And my hair grows too.
It's almost seven years old now.
„Only“ seven years...
However the haircut is more than twenty years old.
And... maybe it's stupid... but since a couple of weeks I'm thinking about a drastic change.
I'm bored of long hair. 
The braids, buns, ponytails...
I even bought me a short wig to look different for a day. 
A really nice one.
And the result of this stupid mispurchase was that I discovered that I'm allergic to wigs. 
Or the hair. 
Or the chemicals that are used to color wigs... I don't know.
And some weeks ago I cut my hair about 8 inches shorter but this didn't help. 
It still looks the same.
And I don't want to look the same as I did when I was twelve anymore...
You can see HERE how my hair looks like exactly at this moment.
And I can't wear it undone because it's disturbing. 
Especially at work.
And in the kitchen.
And when I'm painting.
Or making photos.
Or... almost always.
I'm simply not a top model who stands or sits around in a picture.
I watched many „From long to short“ videos on YT and...
From Audrey Hepburn to Louise Brooks or so?
From bun to bob?
What do you think?

You can see HERE, how my apple sapling looked like in July.

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

Sun and rain on my terrace...


I'm vegan since May and two months ago I noticed that I started to see the world in a different light.
I always loved nature but now I discover more of its beauty than I did before.
I'm more spiritual and it feels like I know myself better.
I found answers for many questions I was asking myself for years.
It's an interesting journey...

Samstag, 3. September 2011



He came here to console me.
I had a bad car accident yesterday.
The third accident with this car.
It seems to be cursed or something.
My parents  (quite superstitious) advised me to sell it and buy a new one because it brought me bad luck from the first day on.
And the repair would cost almost as much as an employee's car.
I'm a passionate MINI driver so it'll be a MINI again but I'll ask my MINI dealer for a lucky color.
What do you think?
Red? Was my first MINI, with white top.
Yellow? Lemon on wheels, matches my new vegan lifestyle.
Eggshell white? No... not a vegan color *lol*.

The headache and dizziness are gone. I don't need a doctor, I think.

Did I mention here that I have a wonderful new job?
That's why I disappeared for a while.
The first weeks in a new job are always difficult but I feel integrated into the team now.
I brought tons of dried fruit to the office on my first day and they ate them all up in less than four hours.
I think they want more, that's why they are so kind to me :-).

I always try to see things positive.
I had a bad accident but I'm alive and will have a new car (of necessity :-).
And this time with rally stripes!