Dienstag, 16. November 2010


You surely wonder now: What the f*** have these two in common?!?

I like Kid Rock.
I love his music.
He is a great musician.
Despite the fact that he was married to two big breast.
Or...maybe because he was married to two big breasts?
No...he already was a great musician before being married to these two big...whatever...

When I was studying at the university I was listening to "Wasting Time".
Very often.
Because the song-title is a perfect description of how being a student felt like sometimes...no, not sometimes...
Very often!
I didn't drink too much, I didn't smoke but I needed his music and some crazy lyrics regularly to free my mind from a lot of intellectual waste and to find my way back to normal life.

But I still know every damn part of my brain.
And its function.
So, when for example someone is about to smash my head with a baseball bat I know exactly which bodily function would be out of order afterwards, depending on which area he hits.
If he for example hits me somewhere behind my ears I could have problems to recognize that my mother is my mother.
WHO  KNEW ?????????!!!!!!!!!!
I need this knowledge:
NOT often!
Very...NOT often!
But I still need Kid Rock's music.
His new album is great.

For "Wasting Time" klick HERE.
Headphones + LOUD!
I still know the lyrics by heart.
After my successfull university performance I covered that song even more successfully on stage.
I was dressed up like ... yeah ... I still have the sunnies, the hat, the tank top and the pants.
I wore the pants yesterday while writing that post.
The pants still fit my butt and the music still blows my mind.
I'm a lucky girl.


  1. I have to say your blog post gave me a new appreciation for Kid Rock

  2. Listen to the song and LOVED it!!!

  3. Heh, Pamela turned those breasts into quite a career herself....there must be brains behind the breasts..... don't you think....

  4. I think I understand, why you chose to create a picture in which, not seen Kid Rock's eyes. I have the feeling that this painting captures - as usual in all your works- a second of inner intensity that you have "read" in the character that you drew. Eyes speak, as in the last two posts of yours. This time, there are those eyes imagined by the viewer. I enjoy tremendously the image. I would like to have a shirt with this picture. This, for not to be a need to talk when I ask: What is imagination? Who imagines and who is imagined? Are these questions a waste of time?By the way, I have no idea where the center of imagination is. But I have a hunch that I learned something about this topic in recent months. Great work!

    By the way, what would be more comfortable place for a brain to get rest, but some breasts? seems an idea not too bad.

  5. oe,
    this drawing is amazing!
    simplicity says it all,
    I loved it!
    X De

  6. was hast du denn studiert?

    momentan bin ich in der "orientierungsphase" am gymnasium und muss mich demnächst um die fächerwahl für die oberstufe und somit fürs abitur entscheiden. keine leichte sache.

  7. I love this post, the drawing is great! And Kid rock is okay. ;-)

  8. Joe, Joe, Joe,
    I was hoping to see/hear a video of your WASTING TIME cover.
    I love your voice, you know that.
    Do not hate Pamela, she had her implants removed and Kid Rock still has the biggest balls I have ever seen.
    Put human anatomy aside and thrill me with your performance.
    x David

  9. Oh my... *LOL*
    I don't hate anyone.
    Please don't misunderstand my humour.
    I'm a nice person.
    And I'm very solidary with all big-breasted women.
    I have two big breasts too and men like making saucy jokes about them. It's biologically innate and we are used to this.
    So, let me make some fun of it as I'm very experienced with breast-jokes.
    The best one concerning mine was:
    "Please marry me. I want to be married to the four of you: You, your crazy brain and your two fantastic breasts."
    I loved it.
    I'm a humorous person.

  10. I know you were kidding, I was kidding to. I stil want you to post more of your music.
    X David

  11. HEY!! where have u been?!
    Great job my dear!
    men always make saucy jokes about breats LOL


  12. Beautiful work, I lake it!


  13. Joe, I am afraid I must be living under a stone, I have never heard of 'Kid Rock' will have to check it out now, love the drawing though.

  14. Great illsutration! He looks so cool!

    thank you Joe :)

    johanna, sweden

  15. Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Du bist so begabt!

  16. i really like you drawing style!:)