Mittwoch, 23. November 2011



I planted the pit on August 17 and that's how it looked like a week ago and the day before yesterday.
It grows very fast since I first noticed the germling inside the pit.
It's about 1,7 inches now.
I love it.
It makes me smile every time I watch it.
I need to find a name for him.
I'm sure it's a boy.
I photographed him with my Blackberry.
I didn't want to scare him with my big camera.


  1. I didn't put mine in soil.. I used the old toothpick method... stick one on each side and suspend it over a glass full of water.. with the water touching the bottom of the seed... in a week the seed cracks and the root starts... its good to know your method works too... i will have to try it.

  2. We used to this as children, it was also so much fun. I have an avocado waiting to be eaten so guess what I am going to do with the pit?

  3. Life is amazing :)

    Johanna, Sweden

  4. Humans are so weird... Now I'm thinking that even baby plants are cute. :D

  5. Awwww so cute! =)

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  7. LOL this is so cute , i could not remember when was the last time i ever plant anything lol