Mittwoch, 10. November 2010

Enjoy your meal.

My squirrel.
Living in the tree in front of the window where I'm drawing and working.
Meanwhile, I know her schedule exactly.
She's eating 18 nuts per day.
She's climbing up and down the tree 29 times per day.
She looses her nut two or three times per day while climbing.
She's friends with the wannabe model cat and watches her performance on the catwalk twice a week.
My city is a friendly city.
Live and let live.


  1. Beautiful photos!!!

    Kisses, Zondra Art

  2. HEY JOE!
    You know i was just thinking about squirrel. as my dad's squirrel is missing these days. he so not feel good about it.
    reading about your squirrel, i had a smile on my face. my dad is going to cherish this post too.
    thanks buddy :)

  3. I just love squirrels! We have black ones here in Toronto and everyone hates them, except for me! Tous is especially cute!

  4. a very shy the way....:DD

  5. So süß! Leben und leben lassen :-)

  6. Joe,
    This fascinating free squill friend!
    as a child I was crazy for squirrels ...
    I had guinea pigs, to compensate,
    because here in Sao Paulo metropolis,
    is very difficult to see squirrels,
    only in the field.

    enjoy a lot your friend!
    Live and let live!!
    X De

  7. Aww she's cute! I hope you've been doing well, I miss your comments on my sketches. :)

  8. so ein süßes eichhörnchen hab ich auch :)
    hier ein foto:


  9. I love squirrels, so cute and always searching for nuts...

  10. I can't resist a red squirrel ! Lovely picture

  11. So coy, peeking through the branches.

  12. So cute! She's a shy girl, I guess...haha!

    Hi, You well? ;)

  13. I have them too here in my garden. Love to watch them.

  14. Your squirrel is so red (and very cute)! Ours are light brown (and very cute). It's funny how you know so much about her every move...I can't tell one from the other.
    Thanks so much for visiting 24C and for the follow! I'm thrilled to know about your fabulous blog, your wonderful art, and you!

    xo Jessica~

    (btw- during our last snow storm, we went on a 24 binge...made it to season four, we just sat on the couch though). ;)

  15. That is the most beautiful squirrel I have ever seen. We only have gray squirrels in NYC.
    I saw a black squirrel once but I cannot remember where, maybe Paris?

  16. I love your squirrel! We have grey squirrels here, and I forgot how beautiful the red ones are. Ours are well-fed... stealing our gifts to the birds.

  17. Was für ein bezauberndes Tier <3 <3 <3