Dienstag, 2. November 2010

I'm federal agent Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life.

I'd like to make a confession...
I'm a crazy 24-addict.
I use to watch all 24 episodes of a season at a stretch.

In season 5 I tried to simulate being Jack Bauer.
I didn't kill or torture anyone.
But I didn't sleep and didn't eat.
And I did some hard workout.
20 pushups, 10 chins and 20 sit-ups per episode.
I only failed in episodes 21, 22 and 24.                   DAMN IT!

It was an experience I'll never forget.
I'm very buff now.
Watch out, men!
You need to be damn strong to cope with Joe!
Thank you, Jack.



  1. I hate to say it Joe (now knowing what a fan you are) but could never get into 24. Kind of bugged me. However love your portrayal of Jack and your "Damn it"

  2. I don't know about 24 n jack.....but I love your "DAMN IT" poster .....man I "WANT IT"

  3. Hi Joe
    Must admit I love 24. Never watched one season in one go, but might try it sometime.
    Great sketch and love the Damn It.


    I love the damn it poster too, hehe. Might have to make it my wallpaper. ;)

  5. Napiszę... byłam tu! Nie wiem czy dobrze rozumiem, nie wiem co przeczytałam, we mnie zbyt wiele myśli, ale też zbyt wiele ospałości ostatniego święta. Za dużo mnie tam... po drugiej stronie... ale to nie jest smutne. Raczej... hm... szukam słowa... analityczne. Asiu, ściskam Cię mocno, mocno. Poszukaj kasztanów, może jeszcze u Ciebie są... schowaj do kieszeni.


  6. à chacun ses fantasmes. Néanmoins, tu as un joli coup de crayon.



  7. While I do not recommend no sleep and no food, I am all for getting in shape, and we all have are own bizarre motivations for doing so.
    I guess we can thank Jack Bauer for the fact that you look so fit.
    X David, NYC

  8. enjoyed the workout imagery. "damn it" is pretty cool as well.

  9. Wow! Dass du das durchgezogen hast... Hut ab. :) Und die Bilder sehen richtig gut aus.

  10. Gute Zeichnung;-)
    Schau doch auch mal wieder bei mir vorbei, gibt was Neues;-)

  11. I remember how great those first five or so years of '24' were. David Palmer was President and Jack was having another really shitty day where his daughter got kidnapped (I swear, she got tied up more than Robin in a Batman comic). Just those words "....and this is the longest day of my life." just got me going. I miss it. Long live Jack Bauer. I hope they make the movie they always talk about. Love your blog btw.

  12. i found your blog through Leovi and its excellent! I started a new one myself about art, maybe you can check it out too =) thanks!

  13. Hallo meine liebe Joe,
    wollte nur Bescheid sagen, dass ich noch da bin. Ich war die letzten Wochen jedoch ausgeknockt, hatte eine Zahn-OP, Klink, und autsch, lange Zeit tat mir im Mund einfach nur alles weh und musste das Bett hüten.

    Deine Bilder... du bist so begnadet:))
    Drück dich