Donnerstag, 2. Juni 2011

Eating, painting, enjoying 4 days off !

My weekend started today and I really need it.
While painting I had the rest of my yesterday's soup (Watch my video please - - and try the recipe. It's SO healthy, tastes fantastic and afterwards you feel full of energy like a newborn!) and today it was even tastier.
As it has the same color as the big butterfly I painted while eating I had to be very concentrated not to confuse soup and paint pot.
I love vibrant colors around me. And it's a wonderful experience to eat them.
And I love this asian-low table and the cushion I got from my parents. As my windows reach down to the floor it's a wonderful place for painting.  


  1. Bonjour, et moi aussi c'est ainsi que je peins :-) je vous souhaite de belles créations

  2. I really like your new paintings with the butterflies!

    Regards and kisses:)

  3. huhu, über die mascara kann ich leider nichts sagen :( aber die palette ist wirklich schön! man kann auch serh dezent damit schminken.

  4. I do agree u can eat it cold.. Here I thought you were making a smoothie.. Have u ever made a spinach smoothie? Its good.. My daughter adds bananas, soy milk, spinach, even some apples which makes it sweet... BTW I love your blender, looks pretty powerful.
    Your friend is right chickpeas are good .. also black beans are good for you too!

  5. Your butterflies are as lovely as you are making a vegan lunch in ten. Blender soups cold are a favorite particularly carrot/ginger. It's isn't vegan though; the base is chicken broth.

  6. Das Bild ist wirklich toll geworden - aber ich mag ja eh all deine Bilder. =)
    Das Video ist toll! *g*
    Ich sollte auch mal eine solche Gemüsesuppe machen. Wenn ich denn mal eine mache (was sehr selten vorkommt), dann höchstens eine einfache Tomatensuppe.

  7. Hmm Joe's kids room painting is almost finish. Good to see you enjoying your days of life. And I am so lazy I started a painting weeks ago and it's still pending :( . Hope to finish it soon. Will upload it soon.

    Lots of love,

  8. Mensch Joe, dass ist so super. Ich bin Vegetarierin aber ich liebe auch die vegane Küche. Yummy :))) Geniesse deine freien Tage!!!!

    LOVE & BIG HUGS minnja

  9. I am so glad that Google has fixed! I love your painting and have a great 4 days off!

  10. nice digs... looks bright & cozy :-)...

    ... have fun this weekend... & good luck with your new painting. the progress looks great!

    (btw I disliked easels with a passion & preferred to work on a flat table as well).

    thank you for your june 2 comment. for me the darkroom experience was equal parts adventure & nightmare...

    ... i was quite touched by your Princess Diana reference. My parents & I were dedicated lady Di fans & watched every moment of William & Kate's royal wedding.

    (p.s. 3 anecdotes: 1) I was barely into my teens when I took these photographs 2) I used a Canon ae-1 35mm camera 3) I lost half of these particular negatives somewhere in the campus darkroom).

    keep shooting those groovy home videos & visit again for new posts :-)

  11. me again...

    the e coli outbreak in Europe/Germany is all the news here in the U.S. please don't eat anything raw & boil your veggies!

    - starman76

  12. I've been gone too long, but finally back home now.
    I had a fantastic time in Bogotá, but I'm totally exhausted and look forward to my bed tonight!
    Of course I missed you, your fun blog and YouTube features. By the way, congrats on going vegan. That first video was soooo sad -- I could tell you were serious. But then the 10-minute soup demo was so well done -- it totally cracked me up from start to finish. The sub-title comments were my favorite. You are amazing. I've got the biggest crush on you, you know that, right?
    My only word of support and dietary advice: DON'T FORGET THE NUTS!
    (There's so many ways to take that, too . . .)

  13. P.S. Hey, almost forgot . . . one of the finalists in the World Barista Championship competition was from Germany . . . Wolfram Sorg, the barista at Backyard Coffee Co. Do you know him? He was pretty crazy. Maybe he's a vegan!


  14. Hallo,

    ich habe dir einen Blog Award verliehen. Hoffe, du machst mit.

    Check out:

    LOVE minnja

    PS. Hoffe, du hast gestärkt und erholt wieder die Arbeit begonnen. Drück' Dich!!!

  15. You are an amazing young woman! Enjoyed viewing your blog today!

  16. You are so cute, sweet, entertaining and talented.

    All the best to you!