Samstag, 3. September 2011



He came here to console me.
I had a bad car accident yesterday.
The third accident with this car.
It seems to be cursed or something.
My parents  (quite superstitious) advised me to sell it and buy a new one because it brought me bad luck from the first day on.
And the repair would cost almost as much as an employee's car.
I'm a passionate MINI driver so it'll be a MINI again but I'll ask my MINI dealer for a lucky color.
What do you think?
Red? Was my first MINI, with white top.
Yellow? Lemon on wheels, matches my new vegan lifestyle.
Eggshell white? No... not a vegan color *lol*.

The headache and dizziness are gone. I don't need a doctor, I think.

Did I mention here that I have a wonderful new job?
That's why I disappeared for a while.
The first weeks in a new job are always difficult but I feel integrated into the team now.
I brought tons of dried fruit to the office on my first day and they ate them all up in less than four hours.
I think they want more, that's why they are so kind to me :-).

I always try to see things positive.
I had a bad accident but I'm alive and will have a new car (of necessity :-).
And this time with rally stripes!


  1. Not RED... Red over here attracts cops who love to ticket red cars....

  2. Oh Joe, I'm so sorry.
    Coincidentally, my car (VW Jetta) just got hit (not my fault), by a crazy lady with NO INSURANCE. What a pain in the ass!

    My ex in San Francisco bought a Mini, loves it to death, and has had 3 accidents as well. She says it's like "they're all aiming for me." She stuck it out, got a new one -- bright yellow -- and hasn't been hit since.

    Keep in mind, MINIs are "mini", so I'm thinking bright colors are a point in your favor. They'll see you coming.

    Just don't pick blue.

  3. So sorry! I'm glad you are ok. How about black with a checkered roof and racing stripes down the middle? Or like the other people said...a bright color? Feel better!!!

  4. Sorry to hear about your accident! Yellow might be nice, I think. Good luck with your new job :)

  5. Yes! Yes! rally stripes!

    and British flags on the side mirrors!

  6. Anyone who brings dried fruit and improves my digestive system is aces in my books. Hope you are feeling better. You know you only need two more accidents before you get your special driver ribbon. Somehow I see you in a yellow car.

  7. Love the bird:-) I wish you will recover soon and never meet any accident ever again:-)The only color for mini which comes to my head is red:)))xxx

  8. Oh! Not again!!! I hope you recuperate fast.

    Please do get soon and take care and congratulations for your new job and yeah yellow will be a cool color.

    My friend just got yellow beetle. It looks so cute. It gets all the attention in the city. And people hardly care who is sitting inside ;-).

    Lots of love to ye,
    take care and be good soon.


  9. OMG I forgot to express my sorrow in my head for your car accident! I'm terrible friend!

    I hope you are 100% recovered and the accident feels like it was all a dream.

    Also, beautiful photograph, Love.

  10. Glad you're okay Joe. I agree with Chrissy; red does attract attention. Yellow is the color of intelligence said Van Gogh. Intelligence is a good thing out on the road with the crazies. Pick well, I love your photograph.

  11. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo...much better?

  12. You have the best visitors!

    I have not congratulated on your new job yet, so congratulations!

    I am glad that your not seriously hurt from your accident. My first car in 1982 was a wonderful light blue Mini from 1966. I loved that car!

  13. You need a jet pack or a hot air balloon. Something slow and gentle to deposit you gently at your place of business. The pick you up later for the ride home. One of a kind, you are one of a kind.

  14. Je partage ta peine et tes douleurs d'autant plus que ma femme et moi avons été victimes d'un grave accident de la route début mai 2011, et que nous avons bien du mal à nous en remettre.
    Je te souhaite du courage et bonne chance à toi.


  15. I would like to commission a piece of art from you based on the theme of my site - Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool. I like Kitties and hate the octopus. Pluse I adore interesting people.