Samstag, 24. September 2011

Everything grows. I need your help.

My little apple tree grows.
It's almost three months old now.
And my hair grows too.
It's almost seven years old now.
„Only“ seven years...
However the haircut is more than twenty years old.
And... maybe it's stupid... but since a couple of weeks I'm thinking about a drastic change.
I'm bored of long hair. 
The braids, buns, ponytails...
I even bought me a short wig to look different for a day. 
A really nice one.
And the result of this stupid mispurchase was that I discovered that I'm allergic to wigs. 
Or the hair. 
Or the chemicals that are used to color wigs... I don't know.
And some weeks ago I cut my hair about 8 inches shorter but this didn't help. 
It still looks the same.
And I don't want to look the same as I did when I was twelve anymore...
You can see HERE how my hair looks like exactly at this moment.
And I can't wear it undone because it's disturbing. 
Especially at work.
And in the kitchen.
And when I'm painting.
Or making photos.
Or... almost always.
I'm simply not a top model who stands or sits around in a picture.
I watched many „From long to short“ videos on YT and...
From Audrey Hepburn to Louise Brooks or so?
From bun to bob?
What do you think?

You can see HERE, how my apple sapling looked like in July.


  1. Here in the U.S. the bob is in style... Not a short typical bob but longish like Jennifer Aniston... You could also layer your hair which will add depth and you'd be able to wear it w/out having it braided, tho the braid suits you...

  2. Hey Joe!
    tolle Vid's und Dein Blog gefällt mir sowieso gut.
    Erst mal ein Lob an Dich.

    Sauerkraut .... ggg
    Übrigens Du hast wunderschöne Haare.
    Schönes Wochenende für Dich.
    Grüßle Geo.

  3. I cut my hair years ago. I couldn't stand it anymore. When Honey saw it,he said I looked like a guy with tits. I loved it. I too was sick of wiping it out of my face all the time and pulling it out of my winter coats that tugged it down. I've been wearing it short ever since. It swims great. Dries quickly in the wind or using the blower and nothing else looking good. With a little ruffling the top in the AM it looks ready to go. The only short coming is I had to start collecting scarves. My neck wasn't used to being exposed in winter. Now when I say I might let it grow out, Honey says absolutely not. It's perfect.

    So is your apple tree. When I first looked at it, I thought it looked like a lima bean was growing on it, but that's where it burst through the seed..

  4. I understand and feel your frustration with you hair. I'm going through the same thing. Put some fun funky color streaks in it.

    Or cut it : ) Good luck...either way you'll look beautiful!!! Have a great weekend : )

  5. it sounds like you really want that change of length. i say try it, you might feel like a new person and so different from when you were twelve. too, it will always grow back. for what it is worth, i think you will look pretty no matter how long or short your hair is.

  6. your hair is wonderful.
    Do not do anything with them :)

  7. Time for a new hair style. Time for freedom. Time for a change.

    Be bold. (Say no to wigs.) Be adventurous. You'll still be Joe.

    I couldn't really see the difference between your old style and your new cut.
    Think of the time you'll save . . . shampooing, braiding, brushing.
    You'll look cute in a short hair style. Vegan, short-hair JOE.


  8. I have to agree with many of the other comments. While I love your hair the way it is with the bangs and ponytails (meow) I can hear the need for change in your voice. It's just hair. It will grow back. Go big, really short with a bit of a shag that you only have to wash and rub a bit of gel in and you are gone. Cute and spunky would show in everything you do. Thanks for your comment on my site. I wish I had your email.

  9. Little sampling will become a BIG TREE one day...patience is mother of all virtues :))))))

  10. You hair looks so beautiful & healthy that it is hard for me to tell you to do anything at all with it. Just lovely.

  11. honest and direct: if I were you, I would choose the style of Yulia Tymoshenko. I think that is what would be a compromise. In addition I think you'd be terribly well with this style of haircut. Anyway you look great. I'm sure you will choose what is best.

  12. @ Emanuel Stoica: She is a beautiful woman but her hairstyle is a perfect example for what I don't want anymore.

  13. You know Joe what I did few weeks back? I was feeling the same.So, I went to my hair styler and got it all short as in shoulder length hair cut with layering.And it feels so good. That I love myself more each day :P Try it and you will know what I am saying. And I will upload my new pic too. In short,just go for it :)

    Have a great weekend.

    Lots of love,

  14. I'm a huge advocate of short hair, as you may have noticed.
    I do variations all the time, as long as I am able to style it to look 20s/30s when my mood arises.
    I think you would look fabulous with shorter hair!

  15. I do love Hepburn. You can never go wrong with the classics. Plus, as others have suggested, hair grows back. And I love the YouTube videos.

  16. Witaj Asiu, ostatnio na nic nie mam czasu, tylko na pracę, którą muszę wykonać. Ale to po prostu głupie. Życie ucieka przez palce, tak mało jest chwil ze szczęściem. Zatrzymać się w tym biegu. Widzisz, ja przeciwnie, od wielu lat miałam krótkie włosy. Teraz rosną... rosną... a ja je upinam, by przejść ten "durny okres" fryzury o niezrozumiałym kształcie. Ale chcę je mieć dłuższe, właśnie, by skręcić i podpiąć w kok np.

    Trudno cokolwiek mówić. Skoro tak czujesz, znaczy przyszedł czas na zmiany, nie włosów... ale przez nie Ciebie. Zmieniaj się.

    A tak w ogóle jak się czujesz? Idzie jesień, czy ją lubisz? Te szeleszczące liście i mgły o poranku? Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

  17. ich hatte auch ziemlich lange die gleiche frisur, ohne pony, ohne stufen, einfach nur bis zur mitte des rückens. dann hab ich mich für den pixie-look entschieden und als die schere mir meine alten haare abgeschnitten hat, war ich einfach nur glücklich. also ich kanns dir nur empfehlen, so ein big change bringt schon was und das nicht nur nach gescheiterten beziehungen :D
    liebe grüße und viel glück bei apfelbäumchen :)

  18. Hello Joe, I am a new follower. Thank you for stopping by!I wish you a wonderful new week. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro/Brasil!
    Literatura& LInguagens

  19. i love it ;)


  20. as much as I love long hair, i think you should cut it. I feel like its what you want, and you should just follow your heart. don't over think it.