Sonntag, 12. Februar 2012

1999. Lithography. It's gone.


I've spent about 5 hours in my parents' cellar and in my cellar trying to find the plate.
Without success.
I'm sad but the past 6 weeks made me learn how to accept the destiny without complaining.

Four car accidents, my son battered in the kindergarten, me battered by a student at work, the death of my little apple tree (I won't post an update picture, it's too sad), a burned cap and some other "little" misfortunes I don't want to bore you with.

But - what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.
I know now that I have a very nice guardian angel who made me survive all car accidents without serious bodily harms.

My whiplash symptoms are almost cured, the student wrote me a very long letter of apology, the cap will get a patch, Sam won't invite the bully-kid to his birthday party and the apple tree will live on in my heart.

And I somehow have the feeling that my guardian angel will bring me the plate some day.


  1. Yes, u are right. What doesn't kill us does make us stronger... btw, your guardian angel may be something besides the plate? or something better!. I have found that what we thought we longed for can be replaced w/something that may hold more dear.

  2. oh... if I had one hundred dollars for every piece of art work that has been lost, misplaced or stolen from my collection throughout the years, whether they be prints or originals... I could take a long trip around the world... no really - I want the money... four car accidents? DAMN!

  3. Dear Joe, I love how you've talked yourself around to a positive position. You have many well-wishers to keep you resilient and, like you, I know that plate will turn up one day. xx

  4. You are smart, positive & realistic...and artistic.

    Almost makes me wish I were young again, but no...

  5. Figure studies! Glad you're feeling better.

  6. Love the litography:-)) A po lzach zawsze przychodzi usmiech..Pozdrawiam Cie serdecznie i Twojego Aniola rowniez:-)))

  7. Wow, I just dropped by to wish you a Happy Valentines Day. I had no idea all this negativity was going on in your life.
    I shall send positive thoughts your way. By the way, that's a nice bum, I hope you find the plate.
    X David