Mittwoch, 23. Februar 2011


Painting Amy's eyes gave me the idea to paint mine.
No, I didn't do this with watercolors.
A nice woman at the beauty shop convinced me that when I'm able to do this on paper I'll definitely succeed on my face too.
So I bought some Perfect Definition Mascara and a felt tip pen called Long Lasting Liquid Liner (what a literary-sophisticated name!) and prayed to God to make me look exactly like Amy.
Some of you know that I never, NEVER paint my face, therefore I don't think that it's perfect but I tried really hard.   :-)))

Sorry for the scary pic.
I know, I look like the girlfriend of a vampire.


  1. No you don't look scary at all, you look good!
    Very successful "painting" for someone who never does it! :D

  2. Thanks for trying, and sharing with us . . . now go wash your face!
    You're drop-dead beautiful without the war paint. (One man's opinion anyway.)

    I really like the drawing, though.


  3. I love it!!! I love "painting" on get to try on new faces and different looks. Have fun!!! You look beautiful either way : )

  4. Oczy... zwierciadło duszy... :-) Mnie się podoba :-)

  5. your hair looks like Bettie Page' favourite look great!

  6. I think you look fantastic, you did good! You actually look very Audrey when she was in Paris being all beatnik in Funny Face.
    Please check out this French lady putting on her'll want to start putting it on all the time, it's mesmerizing to watch her!

    Happy face painting...
    xo J~

  7. I think you look absolutely gorgeous - keep playing around, make up is so much fun!

    Sarah xxx

  8. swietne oczeta:) Podobna jestes na tym zdjeciu do Audrey Hepburn:)

  9. Oh come on ..You look pretty..Now I am inspired to paint mine..attempt 1 to be experimented soon :)))) keep smiling and keep experimenting

    love ya

  10. Yes, your face is a canvas, and that is why they call make up artists artists. You did a great job of lining one eye. Remember, to love your face when you are doing and you do create a new you for the world to see! It works every time...

  11. Joe,
    I think it's cool! :))
    you got a nice line! was good!
    and is not as exaggerated as Amy ...
    I liked!
    kisses dear

  12. Since I was born in Transylvania, I can have an opinion as to the vampire problem. So, I think you look good in the company of a true vampire. It is a compliment. True, I think you look great even without you around your vampires. But I wonder how you managed to makeup, considering the fact that vampires have a problem with watching in the mirror. It's great!:)))

  13. looks good to me :-) great photo and artwork.

    your self-portrait brought this to mind:

    my favorite early 1980's Los Angeles punk rock band 'X' in rehearsal and performance (from W.T. Morgan's 1986 film 'X: The Unheard Music').

  14. Haha, schaut doch gut aus! Aber auf sich selbst zu malen ist gar nicht so einfach! Ich tu mich auch schwer damit. Habe das erst letztes Jahr angefangen (Augen schminken), bin also auch ein Spätzünder in der Hinsicht, wie du :-)

    Und schöne Zeichnung!


  15. I know next, you will move on to lipstick!

  16. you look good! you need a James Dean painting on your side the others however

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  17. Ich sage nur: du bist eine Schönheit!

  18. Great job! You look beautiful with or without it!

  19. Absolutely beautiful! Amazing job for your first attempt!

  20. Wyszły równe:)
    Podziwiam, bo mi zawsze trzęsą się przy tym dłonie:D

  21. Wauw!
    You are very pretty! I am jealous at your brown eyes. Always wanted that color myself!

  22. Wyglądasz prześlicznie !!!!!!!
    Absolutnie. Można by godzinami pisać jak bardzo !
    i ja z przyjemnością zostawiam ślad u Ciebie :)
    - choć nie obuwia z mej fotki - haha