Donnerstag, 24. März 2011

Sign of life. Almost...

My dear blogger friends...
I'm not able to draw or write or paint anything...I'm not able to be artistic at all...
Too many sad things happened this month and when I'm thinking about the tragedy in Japan I don't even care about the fact that I had a car accident and damaged my car. Again.

I'm very sensitive and watching the news makes me cry and feel like my heart is torn up.
I've donated.
Did you do the same?
If not, please do it. 

Rest in Peace, dear Liz.
I will always love you.

Is it a coincidence that the time you left us, I suddenly became very ill and felt horrible...? My father brought me to the hospital in the middle of the night...You are so special, I even didn't paint you because of too much respect and love... Rest in my heart you will live forever...

I have an important exam tomorrow...I'm well-prepared...but if I fail...I don't really's just an exam...there are much bigger problems in this world...

Sad days, sad weeks, sad Joe.


  1. I am so sorry to hear about you sadness and all the pain you have been going through. I really hope things get better for you.

  2. What has happened Joe can't be undone... but you atleast can make it better by taking good care of yourself and by getting out of this sadness... though hard. But know it's a phase, life teaches us everything. May angels be around you for your rescue. Get well soon. You are loved by many. So to keep it good, is your responsibility.


  3. I wish you all the best and not to be sad.
    It will be better, time heals everything.
    Send you warm regards and kisses.
    Time heals everything.

  4. A big hug from Belgium. @

  5. You're a true artist with a heart of gold...take care...
    DeeBee x

  6. you've got a nice and good heart. Sadness is not bad, the worst is to feel nothing facing the latest tragedies. Osho says that you have to relax yourself in sadness and happiness is comming soon.

  7. Joe...It is very hard, I know that, believe me. You are a very sensitive spirit and these things that seem so insurmountable right now will become easier to deal with as time goes on. There will always be tragedy and sadness and death in the world, try as we might, we cannot prevent it. When it hits us personally it is devasting. I am very very sorry for your loss and your sadness. The thing is, that with time we learn to deal with the loss and put it into a place that is not at the forefront of our lives. It is important to never forget the people and events that have gone on before us, but eventually the sadness will not control all of our days, and it will take as long as it takes, each individual is different.Please attempt to create something each day..even a small thing..maybe something in tribute to that which you are mourning,it will remind you that you are still here..I enjoy your blog very much. You are a real artist..very talented! I wish you all the best in this difficult journey. Peace.

  8. Just hang in there Joe and think positively! I have so many friends in Japan, whom I am thinking about constantly. Was also deeply saddened with Liz's passing. Here was a woman who has inspired many!

  9. People like you and me have the hardest time during sad times like these. I too wondered how my goofy little blog contributed to anything in this world until I was reminded by someone that I will never know the positive effect I can have on someone and neither can you. I hope you feel better soon. Fighting the darkness is the only thing worth fighting for.

  10. Sehr, sehr hart Joe, aber denke positiv!
    Ich drü+ck Dir die Daumen und lass was von Dir hören.

    Alles, alles Gute für Dich und Deine Arbeit. Danke für's Spenden und Danke für Deine guten Gedanke.

    Bist ´n toller Mensch.

    Also Peace and Love for ever.
    Mach's gut Mädel. Es Grüßt Dich ganz besonders!

  11. liebe joe,
    ich hoffe, dass du ganz stark bleibst und immer daran denkst, das das leben auch positive seiten hast. after a hurricane comes a rainbow :)
    ich wünsche dir alles erdenklich gute und glück für dein leben!
    liebe grüße!


  12. Great work!
    Congratulations. Greetings from Spain.

  13. maybe it's just making art that could save you and lift you from your sadness.


  14. You can always use your sadness creatively, to help others visually see what you're feeling!

  15. Here in Japan, we can hear so many tender and kind messages from all over the world.
    Your words and art works could make us smiles.
    I hope that so many people in the world will live in peace.

    Take care of yourself :)

    Best regards, from Japan

  16. Traurigkeit ist das Los der tiefen Seelen!
    Ich wünsche dir alles Gute und vor allem viel Kraft,

  17. Sometimes sadness is a gift - you really feel your emotions. It's so base. The outbreak feels even better. Take good care.