Dienstag, 5. April 2011

Back to art...


@ Kenji from Tokyo:
If you think that it's possible to make you smile with my art I will do my very best.

A tip for all the people who don't like to be drawn: Tattoo you!
It can prevent you from this!
Because it's so damn difficult to draw a tattooed person.
You never know how the tattoo really looks like because it appears different in different body positions.
I hope Amy will be finished this year.

I'm not inked and I'm still not sure if it's a good idea to do this. Maybe someday...when I'm retired...the lyrics of Summer And Spring on my back or something...


  1. it's the best idea ever. don't think twice, don't look back because tomorrow can be too late.
    4 my self tattoos r the greatest form of art ever, especial the Japanese one. it's like a mark on times face.
    by the way, i like ur song...wrote this words listening ur voice...nice...genuine...

  2. Tattoos just do not do it for me, but I've seen some that look charming on others.~Mary

  3. Absolutely!
    I'd like to see your wonderful art works more.
    Thanks a lot, Joe!

    Best regards, Kenji

  4. Tattoos aren't for me either--especially now that I see what happens to aging skin. And besides, who wants to be branded with some image they though cool in their twenties, but totally foolish in their forties. Think three, four, more times please.

  5. Tattoos look good on a young and firm body...but i am not sure i enjoy watching "oldies" with skin gravity issues...a bit sad really!

  6. I'm not a tattoo girl, but I have seen some tattoos I adore, and some people looks so good in it!

    have a great day
    much love