Mittwoch, 20. April 2011

♥ I ♥ LOVE ♥ ITALY ♥ !!!

It won't be easy but I think I'll be back on Saturday, 29th.
When I'm there I always want to stay forever.
I don't sympathize with all of my friend's views but it's true: Most Italians are extremely stylish good looking.
That's why about 80% of my suitcase's content is photo equipment.
Yes, also my tripod.
And both lenses.
A remote release? I'm not sure... *LOL*

My on-the-road-hairstyle.
Coming soon: The LADY GAGA HAIR BOW (triple version) *LOL*


  1. I remember when my hair was that length!. Love the braid.

  2. that's how I wear mine when traveling too...or in two braids sometimes....have's a beautiful life.....

  3. arent you the cutest, I love your long hair amor.
    oh thanks for stopping by,I posted a link for free Royal tea.

  4. Buongiorno, Joe. OMG, you're off to Venice . . . maybe my favorite city on earth. A magic part of Italy. I am so excited for you, for your "grande vacanza a Venezia." You're right about what to pack, too -- jeans, t-shirts, a scarf or 2, sunglasses, camera and that lip balm. And of course your new braided hair. Whatever you wear, you've got the style thing figured out. No worries -- those cute Italian boys will eat you up. Can't wait to see your pics. Have the best time, and go explore! Wish I could meet you there, for a bellini at Harry's Bar.
    Ciao, bambino . . .

  5. Lovely video !!!!!. your facial expression reminds me Audrey Hepburn, you are really an artist. Moreover there is some childish innocence in what your words say and what your expression says. I enjoyed a lot because all this features belong to the same issue......BEAUTY

  6. I love your hair! It is so chic! Cannot wait to see the photos!

  7. hi Joe... I see that,you are wonderful...I'm waiting from you,beutiful İtaly fotos... :)

    best regards...kiss..

  8. Be safe and have a great trip. There is something magnificent about Italy that you have to visit to really understand. BTW, your hair is just awesome. A work of art.

  9. Beautiful video and hair, I lake it!
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  10. I don't recall people being all that stylish in Venice. Rome, maybe-- but I still wore pants, shirt/sweater, jacket, everywhere. It rained--every night in May. A light rain you could walk in. Lovely. The canal was choppy. Don't listen to your friend. If you get there and feel like you need something else, they have lots of stores. Love your braid. Perfecto.

  11. Dziękuję za komentarz i odwiedziny.

  12. ahh ... Venice ...
    Happy holidays Joe, I'm also anxious
    for the pictures! Enjoy it!
    ... and to think that my grandfather
    came out of Venice to come and to
    live in Brazil! :/ OMG!

  13. Hahahahaha.....You are so funny! I love it. I hope you have an amazing time in Italy and can't wait to see your pics when you're back


  14. Hello:
    Happily we have discovered your blog through the comment left on Savoir Faire. And in answer to your question, whilst we are not sure of the price of a gondola in Venice [something in our book to be avoided], a cup of coffee in a side street café is €4! Coffee in St. Mark's [also to be avoided by us] runs out at €8!!

    That said, Italy is so stylish and Venice, to which we often travel via the overnight train from Budapest, is absolutely wonderful when away from St. Mark's and the Rialto.

    Your blog is so refreshing, varied and fun. We have signed up as Followers [of which you have many!].

  15. Have a great week in Italy, Cinderella :-D

  16. hahaha u did it again!! wow. i think u look fantastic with braids and all. i like the videos as well.
    Enjoy italia!
    xoxoxo im off to HH today :P

  17. WOW! how EXCITING!!! and your braided hair is so gorgeous! i want to learn to do my hair like that too! Have a wonderful safe time in Italy! :-)

  18. Love your braid! I am the same way when traveling, I NEVER want to come back!

    Have a great trip!

    xx Cat brideblu

  19. Jejku, jejku:)
    Nie spodziewałam się ujrzeć tak pozytywnej osoby:)
    przeraźliwie ci zazdroszczę, bo całkiem niedawno wróciłam z Paryża i... było niesamowicie:)
    Baw się dobrze Joe!

  20. Have a great time in Italy... the hair looks fab!

  21. My Dad was born in Bologna, so I love Italy as well. Have a lovely time, Joe. ~Mary

  22. you're going to have so much fun...wish i could go too!

    and yes, i do love your video diary hairstyle. great braid!

  23. You are adorable!

    Have a wonderful vacation, italy is the most beautiful contry! I was in Florence with my art class five years ago, amazing. But I would say that you can find all kind of style there, just like in germeny and sweden. some people dress like cinderalla and some people don't. ;) Wear whatever you want to girly!!


  24. I went to Italy 2 months ago with the people on my art course and I loved it! I went to Florence and it was wonderful ^^ I only took jeans, tshirts and a jumper and everything else was art supplies haha x)
    Hope you have a wonderful time ^_^ Liking the hairstyle.

  25. Salut Joe, thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I wish I could go to Italy now - just been to Germany instead! Your hair style is very simple and stylish, love it! Happy Easter, Love from London xo

  26. Sneeeeeakers...perfectly said.
    I can't wait to see the sketches from Italy,
    Ill be thinking of you wile I'm grocery shopping at the world market, here in boring Colorado