Sonntag, 1. Mai 2011


... and so happy about the comments you wrote me when I was away.
We came back by car with my parents and, to be honest, it was not as comfortable as the train ride.
17 hours, 4 persons, 4 suitcases, 2 bagpacks, 5 bags, 1 camera bag, 1 tripod, a dog bed and a poodle in a Mercedes wagon.
Due to lack of space I had my camera and my vanity bag on my lap.

But, let's go back in time and let me show you the first package of photos and videos.

Train one: My place to Bremen Central Station.
Train two: Bremen to Hannover.
Train three: Hannover to Munich (see video below).
Train four: Munich to Bologna.

I don't even know why I did this video...maybe because, after a long night in a train, I was both tired and full of adrenaline what seems to be a very dangerous mixture as it causes this kind of severe stupidvideomakingmania *LOL*.


Five minutes after arrival and video: ON THE BEACH!

And finally in the evening: A welcome party for me with a grand display of fireworks on the beach! *lol*


  1. Hi Joe,

    So good to see you back here and seeing you happy is wonderful wonderful...

    Keep smiling,

  2. wow such pretty pictures and i love the outfit^^

  3. Wonderful photo of the beach, nice idea. Have a wonderful time in Italy

  4. welcome back sweetheart! those are some amazing fireworks captures! i love seeing ur videos! very funny and adorable. Im glad u had great times in italy and sorry to hear about the unconfortable jorney back home.
    i myself will travel down south real soon, well to croatia for the 1st time and my flight is on friday the 13th hah!! im hoping to find some great faces to photograph then. wish me luck


  5. Welcome back . . . and I'm in love with your videos. Great perspectives, and I'm glad you had fun. (it shows.) You are so funny, so beautiful -- your posts (and now THESE VIDEOS) always make me smile.

  6. Your photos are great and wecannot wait to see more.Sounds like it was some trip back!

  7. Welcome back - I'm glad, your journey went as well as wanted :)

  8. There aren't enough wonderfuls in the world. Enjoy them all. You look wonderful in spite of the train trip. The beach looks fantastically wonderful. And fireworks are the way to celebrate wonderful. Your ride home made the wonderfuls more so I know.

  9. I'd give anything to be in Bologna right now...quite a few relatives I could visit as well. Glad you had a wonderful trip. ~Mary

  10. Oh Joe! I am sooo glad you're back. And thank you for your accurate remarks today on my blog -- I totally agree. I was just thinking about you, about missing you, so I had to watch your travel videos again. Oh Joe!

    Can I be honest, and tell you how much you make me laugh. (Not laughing at you, I promise.) That tour of your tiny first-class train compartment, your delicious first-class breakfast, your tired eyes, your excitement, that hidden sink and faucet (my favorite, I think). You are so funny, you are sooo cute. OMG, that was priceless.

    And then, of course, there's the hotel room video, the next morning, and you were so excited. Do you know how many times you said WONDERFUL in that video?

    Oh Joe! Welcome back. Thank you so much.
    I do love you.

  11. P.S. By the way, a close friend of mine -- a dentist -- is in Hannover right now, in a Masters program at the University. Small world.

  12. Hi Joe, I loved seeing your videos! You're so cute. :)

    It has been a very rough winter in NYC. So much snow. freezing temperatures. And while it is considerably warmer, it is not very springlike yet. we are all getting impatient here for 75 F temp and sunshine. the only nice day was Easter Sunday.

    I have been very busy at work and feeling depressed from the weather which explains my reclusive ways. Feels nice to blog again and to see what you are up to.