Samstag, 14. Mai 2011

What a misfortune... on my blog's first birthday...

The big Blogger problems killed my post from Thursday, about 20 of your wonderful comments and my new design.
I posted the lost post again and renewed the design again but I'm sad about what happened.

Last night I asked myself if it's maybe a sign that means that I should stop this or something...that it's not only a coincidence that this happened on this special date...

You know, I sometimes believe in signs because I had some really severe misfortunes in my life, so...

I know, it's only a blog but it means so much to me.
I found friends here, wonderful persons that I hardly could meet in real life, because the world is so huge and often the person you really like, who understands you and is perfect to be your best friend lives on the other side of the globe...

This Italian tomcat made me smile when he met our poodle in Cattolica.
Horatio was really scared....*G*


  1. Oh Joe . . . I am so sorry the "blog crash" happened when you were celebrating your blog birthday. I went and found your blog again, and saw all the comments were lost. Be assured the connections and special friends have not been lost. We're still here, and always will be. No cyber space malfunction can erase that.

    Your collection of art and memories were (and are) fantastic. And I love your palm tree pants. But I do think you should stop playing with your food. (Ha.) You made me realize how, every time I see your blogs, I feel better...and leave smiling. That's amazing. That's a special connection. And I haven't gone anywhere. OK?

    I love your perspective on life, how bright and funny you are, and how truly beautiful. Yes, I am smitten.

    Now on with your fantastic life. Keep on keeping on. Please.

    And thank you.
    xo, Rick

  2. Cute kitty and great shots!
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. never give up what gives you pleasure

  4. I asked myself the same question. The answer's got to be "no" - so long as it doesn't happen too often. More info would have helped though.

  5. And a belated happy birthday, Joe's blog

  6. You could take it as an omen, but then again, why let it get u down? Forge ahead and blow off that blog crash... A friend of mine had a similar issue, we all have... I do remember your blog that day... Defy that feeling and repost it.. :-)

  7. Shite happens. We blog on. I was glad I saw it coming and copied my draft into Word. The clue was blogger wasn't saving. The save button was gray not a pretty blue. When the gray wasn't going away, I picked up my words, and moved to Word. I have read in "Dummies" to write your blog in Word and then transfer it and add the photographs. After the last couple of days, good advice I'd say.

  8. Yo sacrificed the salad, so the gods will be benevolent with you in your new stage.....HAPPY NEW TIMES !!!!

  9. the 'blog crash' plagued me on the 11th, 12th & 13th as well...

    again, great new look, stunning music, excellent video & art :-)

    & to repeat your first comment to me, 'continue blogging please'.

  10. Du kannst ganz sicher sein: es geschah zufällig.
    Du sollst umbedingt weiter.Danke schönn für deine nette kommentare.

  11. my advice would be get back to your painting
    for all while. don't think it was an omen, but
    you sound unsure. return to the core and then
    come back. your blog is interesting, sweet and
    a little crazy. not too crazy.:) keep it up

  12. I can totally relate to you, I had carved out some time to do some updates on my blog as well....and all was lost...why did everything have to crash this week? I love your blog and think you are adorable...happy blog b-day!

  13. I am going to comment again. HAppy Birthday blog! I was a bit upset as I had put so much work into some posts and saved them as drafts and they have disappeared!

  14. wirklich schade, das mit deinem post!
    ich würds nicht als zeichen sehen, ich wollte lustigerweise genau einen tag vor diesem bloggerausfall bloggen, sehr viele fotos sogar, bin aber nicht dazu gekommen :D glück hatt ich wohl, aber ich glaub es war kein mach-weiter-zeichen!
    dein blog ist der wahnsinn :) du musst weitermachen, joe!
    achja und da auch mein kommentar verloren gegangen ist: nochmal happy birthday :)
    liebe grüße!
    ich steh hinter dir! :)

  15. Don't quit because of an Internet glitch, especially since you have so many blog friends. Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Most people don't make it past the first year. Cattolica ... :-) brings back beautiful memories. Love Rimini.

  16. ahhh i feel bad reading this ! ITS NOT A SIGN ! u are meant to continue this blog , we love u