Sonntag, 30. Mai 2010

What I wear today...a pic for Katie and Joe.

I am VERY PROUD of my original 1998 high waisted Versace pants. It was a present from my parents when I was...very much younger :-)
It goes well with my "J'adore Joe" tee, the pink sandals, purple socks and my vintage purple-pink patent leather snake print jacket that originally was my mom's. It's about 20 years old.
Even very much older is the bag, you know it from my older posts.
This picture is for Katie and Joe.

Jacket: very old, my mom's.
Pants: Versace 1998, present.
Tee: Joe Rivetto.
Knee high socks: Ernsting's family.
Sandals: Buffalo.
Sunnies: H&M.
Bag: very old, my grandma's.

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