Samstag, 21. August 2010

Sympathy for Mick.

I have weird dreams. 
I get up and try to clear my mind by drawing something or someone who gives me a good feeling...

I had a very weird dream last night. I woke up and the only thing I really needed was to draw Mick. 
I like his face. I like the wrinkles around his eyes when he smiles. I grew up with his music. My parents are big fans of the Stones. So, his voice and his face remind me of many wonderful things and make me calm down. 

Yes, I've seen the Stones live on stage. Twice. With my dad. Open-air, first row.


Ich habe seltsame Träume. 
Ich stehe auf und versuche meinen Kopf klar zu kriegen, indem ich etwas oder jemanden zeichne, der mir ein gutes Gefühl gibt...
Ich hatte einen sehr seltsamen Traum letzte Nacht. Ich wachte auf und das einzige, was ich wirklich brauchte, war Mick zu zeichnen.
Ich mag sein Gesicht. Ich mag die Falten um seine Augen wenn er lächelt. Ich bin mit seiner Musik aufgewachsen. Meine Eltern sind große Fans der Stones. Seine Stimme und sein Gesicht erinnern mich deshalb an viele wundervolle Dinge und beruhigen mich.

Ja, ich habe die Stones live auf der Bühne gesehen. Zweimal. Mit meinem Dad. Open-air, erste Reihe.


  1. Einfach nur super!! Ich liebe dieses Bild:)


  2. Thanks for the Comment! You do very fine work yourself! Glad you found me.

  3. joe, my first concert was the rolling stones. my mom said no but i lied and went anyway. of course i got busted. she grounded me for 1 month. and to this day i have never regretted it. have you seen the martin scorsese documentary about them? its so fantastic. try to find it. xo

  4. Woot! Another great musician.

    I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but I love that distinct line you draw that bisects the chin. It's stylistically unique, and it also helps create symmetry. I also think it helps create a sense of depth, and the rest of your pictures are usually so realistic that that single line draws the viewers eye like a focal point.

    I've even started drawing dimples on the chin of my figures in an attempt to mimic that a bit (though not outright steal it ;) )

  5. Aww it looks like you love mick as much as I do. That drawing is phenomenal. I'm jealous. I'm still figuring out how to properly use blogspot but I'm going to attempt to figure out how to follow doesn't help that I don't speak german though haha :)

  6. thats a really good art you did :)
    my mother saying that dreams Is like how the body dealing with something who you have hold inside of you.. I hope everything Is fine and that you have a good weekend :)

    many hugs

  7. Unglaublich gute Zeichnung:))) Ich liebe die Stones & Mick!!!

  8. Witaj :-)

    Trzeba przyznać, że Mick ma faktycznie charakterystyczne i niepowtarzalne rysy twarzy. Super szkic!
    Pewnie te koncerty pozostawiły w Tobie mocne ślady niezapomnianych wrażeń i wspomnień...

    Marek :)

  9. long as you have fun and a sparkle in your eyes with what you are doing, who cares what the rest of the worls thinks? ;-))))

    No, honestly, go for it!
    Nice scetches!

    good art is from the heart.

    LAURION *:-)

  10. you have a beautiful soul.

    i will be studying art & literature abroad in england this year..
    follow my thoughts, feelings and travels if you'de like :)

  11. wow this is really cool , its wonderful how music can inspire people right :)

    i like this drawing , i hope someday i can draw as good as u

  12. hey, that's mick! cool.

    (there is a nice bruce nauman exhibition in berlin, no hands circle though)-->see it!


  13. Nice drawing...hey I like your blog.