Donnerstag, 26. August 2010

WARDROBE-ARTWORK. Many years ago.

When I was 15, my parents allowed me to paint my white wardrobe.
They surely didn't suspect that it would end up like this... :-D


Als ich 15 war erlaubten mir meine Eltern, meinen weißen Kleiderschrank anzumalen.
Sie ahnten bestimmt nicht, dass er so enden würde... :-D 


  1. Pretty cool! Looks like something Escher would have done when he was young.

  2. Wonderful for 15! I always wanted to paint our fridge and my parents would not let me! Oh well

  3. you amaze me joe.......this at the age of 15......bravo!

  4. i gotta say, that's really great artwork for a 15 year old. i love it.

  5. wow!! ich bin total begeistert! das sieht echt klasse aus! <3

  6. Alle Achtung mit 15, wow!!!!
    Wer kann schon mit 15 Miro das Wasser reichen, genial:)

  7. Wow, it's so pretty! I'm so jealous of your amazing painting skills! :)

  8. Excellent :D My sister did that to her walls when she was 17. We had to paint over it, because we were renting the house...

  9. Das ist Kunst! Was hat dich inspriert? Oder einfach drauf losgemalt?


  10. Nice to meet you, Joe, thank you for visiting my blog. I like your blog also very much!

  11. love that. totally cool. at ANY age. xo

  12. It has the same hypnotic and fluid quality as a lava lamp, brilliant! It also works as a line drawing as well as painted, not sure which I prefer, I love them both.
    I just got my new computer but now I do not have photoshop or all my other applications, at least I can read blogs and type again.
    I hope your car is better and takes you wherever you want to go.
    Thank you Joe for the "pantyhose" link and the award.
    You really are too kind to me but as my cell phone and television also just died I really appreciate the kind words you bestow upon me. Technology breakdown is driving me nuts.
    My tears of late have not been faked on command so again, thanks for putting a smile on my face.
    I am going to check out that bakery on 57th St. as it is across the street from my dentist.
    X David

  13. wow at 15 i can only scribble nonsense , lol yours is fine work

    i used to scribble on our house wall , then mum went crazy lol always got into trouble

    but mine is not art , i am just naughty lol

    how are u , have not hear from u from a while hope everything is good :)

  14. this is really amazing.. i love your work! i used to paint stuff like these when im bored..