Freitag, 13. August 2010

a very, very, very long phone call...

a very good friend of mine opened his heart...I listened...tried to help...please, don't brood about the past...face the future...


ein sehr guter Freund hat sein Herz ausgeschüttet...ich hörte zu...versuchte zu helfen...grübele bitte nicht über die Vergangenheit...sieh der Zukunft entgegen...


  1. Supertoll!!!
    Sei lieb umarmt

  2. My mother always used to say, dont worry about what happened yesterday as you cannot change it, dont worry about tomorrow as it hasn't happened yet, only worry about today.

    But yes, face the future.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Schön! Tolle Zeichnung mit Kugelschreiber! Und ja, das ist das Schöne (eins der schönen Dinge) an einer Freundschaft, dass man jemandem zur Seite steht :-)


  4. Awww you're such a good friend! \(; w ;)/
    I hope your friend will feel better now!
    Also, I hope you're having a lovely day!

    Ooh! I almost forgot...! You're one of the winners from my GA! Ò u Ó
    I will send you your illustration once I'm done with it; I really hope you will like it!

    ~ Orphin's Domains ~

  5. To face the future is what i always try to do, and what everybody should. Good advice! =)
    PS: I like long phone calls! lol


  6. really love the drawing and the quote is perfect! x

  7. Du hörst auch Hendrix!!! WOW!!!Ich liebe ihn und Hey Joe ist doch der absolute Klassiker, loooove it <3

  8. very inspiring! that is true backward never ;)

  9. Cześć :)

    Bardzo mądre światło na dalszą ścieżkę życia. Często bywa to jednak trudne, gdy człowiek musi wpierw porzucić bagaże przeszłości, które ciążą na nim i wydają się ciężarem nie do pozbycia. W takich sytuacjach ratunkiem jest mieć bardzo dobrego, starego przyjaciela, który wesprze i nakieruje na życiowe drogi pozytywnego myślenia.


    Marek :)

  10. It's such a saddening thing to have a friend suffer over the past but it happens. He's incredibly lucky to have a friend like you to open up to :) Sometimes listening is all we can really do =/ Hopefully he can get past whatever is ailing him :)

    Awesome little drawing by the way. Different to most of what you draw but I like it!

  11. wow. I think ALL of your work is fantastic! Keep it up :) i really wish i could draw/paint/be ace like you
    tayla x

  12. Wow! Fantastic realism! I'm so jealous you can draw like that! AND with a pen too! I can't believe it...You are awesome! :)

  13. Cool sketch ~ I doodle all the time when on the phone but never come up with anything as interesting as that. :D

    b. of Depict This!