Mittwoch, 21. Juli 2010


Do you know Alice Cooper?
I love his music.
And his freaky shows.
I ever did.
Since I was little.
I've seen him live in concert some years ago.
He also appeared in "Wayne's World".


Kennt ihr Alice Cooper?
Ich liebe seine Musik.
Und seine verrückten Shows.
Schon immer.
Seit ich ganz klein war.
Ich habe ihn vor einigen Jahren live im Konzert gesehen.
Er ist auch in "Wayne's World" aufgetreten.


  1. that painting belongs to my new apartment lol

  2. no i dont know any alice cooper but that painting is really nice in a way. wd love to have it hangin' on ma wall :P

  3. Dein Bild... einfach wieder supertoll!!!!!

  4. love the blog !
    These videos are really cool.
    Love the blog ! Very cute !

    care to follow me back ?

    alice h

  5. I like your camara and the blog :) I am learning German but I do not know write very well haha. XX from Argentina

  6. Alice Cooper: In fact, Milwaukee was pronounced "Milee-wah-kay" which is Algonquin for "the good land."

    Wayne: "I was not aware of that.."


  7. Alice Cooper, yes I remember him. Forty years ago. I guess he is still performing. You can see him in a recent concert here:

    I have linked to your site. And yes, I do have an interest in art. Greetings. CSB