Freitag, 9. Juli 2010

Pardon - A reader said...

A reader said…

"I like your blog, too, but I don't like how you fail to respond to all of your guests. How do we know if you bother to read our words? It feels like a waste of time to say anything (no offence)."

That's a comment that made me very, very sad and speechless.

It's a pity that you don't say your names, so that I could say sorry directly.

I'm very happy about every comment, I try to be responsive to everyone and I follow almost every blog of every person who leaves a comment on mine.

I apologize that I forgot or failed to answer you but I also have friends, a family, a full-time-job, a band and some other things that are more important than sitting in front of the computer.
I don't want my blog to become work or something like that.

When I leave a comment (and I leave a lot) I really mean it and want to give pleasure and don't do it because I expect something.

I left a lot of comments without having got any response so, as I'm a newbie-blogger, I didn't know that it's a problem when I sometimes forget to answer.
I even didn't know, until now, that I can answer directly under the comments in my own blog.

I'm still not experienced with blogging, the rules of blogging and how to use all blogspot-functions. I'm still learning.
So, just let me say sorry and try to understand me.

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